The Brand Narrative

In the fast-evolving fashion world where we look for exclusivity, being brown makes being inclusive a bit challenging. That is where the concept of My Meraki comes into play. Meraki (venture by Apparel Verse LLC, Dubai), – is a Greek word that means to do something with love, to create something with passion, to put one’s soul into it. Staying true to our brand name, as a fashion-centric platform, we will address a century’s old qualm for South Asian women and revive the notion of diversity in the fashion world.

My Meraki is a high-end luxury platform only catering to a pool of diverse audiences worldwide. The ultimate aim and focus are on bringing prominent names from the fashion industry under one umbrella from the Arab and the MENA region. To highlight South Asian fashion designers ‘creations made with a labor of love from the Arab and MENA region and translate their fashion language to women from the same subregion. To create a community of our own where everyone gets to narrate their story, celebrating their passion for fashion together; hence, the ’Me’ in Meraki is you, and so is the I in it. Our preliminary focus is to bring a digital transformation into the fashion world, creating an omnichannel ecosystem through its content-driven foundation, making luxury globally accessible at your doorstep.

The change we are willing to make in the fashion world lies within your soul. Meraki is a concept that cannot be translated into one word, caged into one box, which is why My Meraki is tapping beyond borders.


Our aim is to establish Meraki as an exclusive, fashion authority for the Middle East & South Asian audience, and a One-Stop-Shop that houses a curation of coveted brands from across the regions, reflective of our idealogy & brand ethos.


A community celebrating fashion -'Brown Fashion' to be specific -focusing predominantly on the Arab, Middle Eastern & South Asian regions. When you think 'Luxury', you think 'Meraki'

The Three Pillars

Meraki stands on three main pillars that are symbolized in the 'E' of the Meraki logo. Shortened to "ME" the three pillars are words that begin with 'me' signifying a strong connection to the brand essence.

M E R I T O R I O U S : Fashion based on merit, that rewards creations born out of thought-provoking, soulful intent over popular culture & disposable style.

M E T A M O R P H O S I S : Main focal point on transformative fashion that incorporates the true essence of grandeur & regenerative quality of Fashion.

M E T I C U L O U S : Methodical precision with attention to detail. Ensuring maintenance of exceptional quality and the ability to spot perfection.


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