Thursday, July 20, 2023

Article By: Mahnum Najaf Sayal


His couture pieces are no less than celestial. Changing the meaning given to elaborated craftsmanship of neoteric aesthetic. This man is a surrealist who unlocks the power of fashion’s imagination and weaves it into the canvas of fabric. His dream-like ensembles are envisaged as the perfect example of being Avant-grade. A form of meticulously crafted wearable art that harmonizes well with the wearer’s personality. Where the world needs a musical beat to stay in the rhythm, this man sways the ladies with the rhythmic pattern of his couture pieces. If you haven’t guessed already who this guru is, then you’re not fluent in fashion. Meet Gaurav Gupta, the man who has personified the design and style vocabulary itself!


Below are a few outfits that My Edit loves!

Purple Bloom

The Nile Sculpture

The New Biomorphic Gown

Heiress of Dunes

 Emerald Sculptures

Sapphire Sculptures

Red Couture Collection

Natasha Poonawalla x Gaurav Gupta

The Blooming Flower

The Blaze

Venus Rising

Venus Rising

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