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Haute Couture

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Zain Hashmi


This haute couture gown exudes regal elegance with its opulent, ethereal white hue, meticulously adorned with an array of luminous pearls and glistening crystals. The garment cascades with an otherworldly grace, evoking a celestial charm fit for royalty.

Zain Hashmi


Enveloped in ethereal whispers of pastel pink and white hues, this couture masterpiece exudes divine beauty. Adorned with intricate silk- thread embroidery and delicately placed tassels, it orchestrates a blossomic symphony of elegance and grace, defining the essence of high-end femininity.

Zain Hashmi


This couture piece intertwines the grace of tradition with a modern allure, blending a sophisticated palette of white, gold, and beige. Its elegant fusion of contemporary and ethnic styles creates a mesmerizing garment ideal for high-spirited occasions. Delicately embroiderd with golden and silk threads, the dress features intricate embroidery that dazzles, accentuated by the captivating allure of pearl tassels, ensuring an eye-catching, standout appearance.

Zain Hashmi


This alluring dress , in a captivating ice blue hue, channels an ethereal, delicate beauty reminiscent of an ice queen's allure. The dress shimmers with an enchanting dreaminess, akin to a creation from a celestial realm. Its design features intricate embroidery, delicate cutwork, and a lavish array of glistening crystals, presenting a piece that embodies the epitome of sophistication and elegance for high-end affairs.

Zain Hashmi


The high-end dress in powder green exudes a commanding yet graceful presence. Its structured silhouette maintains a strong, poised form while delicately embracing femininity. The intricate threadwork and sequin detailing accentuates its beauty, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and finesse. Paired with bootcut pants and a delicately embroidered top, this ensemble is the epitome of sophistication, perfectly tailored for fiercely charming and elegant women who command attention with their poise and style.

Zain Hashmi


This ensemble, a profound homage to the allure of mystery, boasts a commanding black hue juxtaposed against a skin-toned base, radiating an enigmatic aura reminiscent of the mesmerizing black swan. With its powerful and striking presence, this garment embodies the fusion of contemporary and high fashion, embracing avant-grande cuts and silhouettes that command attention, promising a compelling and fiercely elegant allure.

Zain Hashmi


Step into sophistication with our black cheetah luxurious dress, featuring intricate hand-embroidered sequins and crystals arranged in stunning architectural patterns. This 3-piece separate ensemble exudes opulence and style.

Zain Hashmi


A statement Black long sequined jacket!
This is a long hand embellished sequined jacket paired with long inside adorned with black embroidery and self on self crystal and sequin embellishments.


Zain Hashmi


Step into the Spotlight: Hand-Sewn Leaves, Crystals, and Tassels Merge in a Cutwork Jacket, while Silk-Thread Embroidery Dances Alongside Lamè Sequined Flare Pants - Embody High Drama and Glamour in this Three-Piece Ensemble!"

Zain Hashmi


Elevate Your Style Game with this Gorgeous Halter Hand-Embroidered Dress - Featuring a Versatile Baggy Cape that Can Be Styled in Endless Ways, This Ensemble Offers Limitless Possibilities for the Chic and Bold Fashion Lover - And for the Ultimate Classy Touch, Pair with Sheer Pants and Let Your Unique Style Shine!"

Zain Hashmi


Radiant as the stars, exquisite as the pearls, behold the dress that glistens with Swarovski crystals and delicately handcrafted silk threads, a masterpiece that drips with elegance and glamour like dewdrops on a fine French mesh - a sight to leave you breathless!"

Zain Hashmi


This design has roman architectural inspired seperates with power shoulder situation going on in silver grey hue. It has handwork of swaroskis and crystals in a setting of lines and arches. Perfect for any glamourous evening.

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